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The Temptations – Puzzle People



Any similarities between this and the previous album cover are completely accidental! I usually only buy stuff I’ve heard, but the cover of this was so good there was no way the contents wouldn’t be great. I was not disappointed.

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The Impressions – This Is My Country



From the mighty, mighty Curtis Mayfield. Purchased from a local branch of the much missed Fopp records.

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The Beach Boys – Friends



I found this in the very fine Swordfish records in Birmingham. Apparently it’s Brian Wilson’s favourite Beach Boys album. It might just be my favourite Sunday morning record.

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Givin’ it Back – The Isley Brothers



This is quite a unique album from The Isley Brothers. It’s largely acoustic and contains covers of rock songs, recorded as an act of solidarity during a period of civil unrest. Most importantly, it’s brilliant. I bought this for a friend. He never received it.

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Neil Young – On the Beach



This record is reason alone for owning a turntable.

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George Harrison – All Things Must Pass


I picked this up at The Diskery record shop in Birmingham (an essential visit if you love vinyl). It’s a tatty old thing (though the vinyl is vg+) but I think the stains are all part of its ragged charm. Best solo Beatles album?

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Bill Withers – Still Bill


Inspired by last night’s (brilliant) Bill Wither’s night on BBC4.

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Marin Gaye – Trouble Man


Marvin’s contribution to the blaxploitation genre. Not sure how good the film is but this makes my top three of his records.

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Desire – Bob Dylan

On a bit of a Dylan tip at the moment. Why did no one tell me how good this album is? Very pleased to find this on a small local market stall.



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Nancy & Lee – Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood


One of my favourite album covers of all time. The music is pretty fantastic too. Sundown, Sundown sounds amazing on vinyl. I tried to grow a Lee Hazlewood moustache once but was told I looked ‘evil’.


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